Board of Directors


Amy Gipson

Amy has been serving since 2010.

Amy serves Summit in many different capacities. She started as a staffer but quickly became an integral part of making camp happen. She is now a recreation leader, camp director, and has recently taken on the role as the camp photographer. Amy also helps write cards to each student that makes a decision during camp.

Amy also does a lot of behind the scenes work for Summit. She is part of the team that plans and creates the late night service. She helps create (and test-out) the Wild and Crazy Rec games for each summer. She also spends countless hours during camp ensuring that the song lyrics are ready for each tabernacle service. Additionally, Amy produces the majority of Summit’s social media content to keep everyone up to date with all the goings on of Summit Camps.

Last, but absolutely not least, Amy is the official Keeper of Arney. She has the great honor of taking care of Arney before, during, and after camp each year. You can see many of Amy and Arney’s adventures on Summit’s social media accounts.