Board of Directors


Jeramie and Tamara Simpson

Jeramie and Tamara  have been serving as directors since 2010. Funfact: they both attended the first ever week of Summit Camps as students! 

Jeramie and Tamara serve in so many different capacities! They both play major roles in our kids week. They work together to make sure that Summit’s children’s camp is one of the best around! Jeramie has been directing that week for many years. He is also the camp nurse for many of our weeks! Tamara is the recreation leader for our kids camp. She makes sure the students have an amazing and safe time out on the rec fields. They both work tirelessly to make sure Summit Kids Camp is a success. 

They both also help get Summit ready for camp each year. If we need something built, worked on, or repaired, Jeramie Simpson is our go to! Countless times he has helped when something goes wrong. From the truck not starting, the lights not working on the trailer, or us needing something built for the rec fields, he has saved the day numerous times! 

Tamara has been so much help as Summit is trying to include online and credit card payments. She has been such a great source of knowledge for Summit! 

Jeramie and Tamara both work with others to create the recreation games for each year. They work to make sure students have fun but also stay safe! Their creativity is part of what makes camp a success each year.


Darrell and Sherry Haley

Darrell and Sherry are part of the team that dreamed of a different camp and created Summit. They have worked tirelessly for over 27 years to make sure Summit is the best camp it can be. 

Explaining what all Darrell does for Summit is achallenge because Darrell does everything! He takes care of so much, and a large amount of what he does is behind the scenes. He takes care of assigning cabins, contacting churches, coordinating camp personnel, hauling the trailer around, making sure we have any supplies we might need, creating all the crazy rec games, and so so so much more! 

Telling you about all Sherry does is not any easier! She takes care of the administrative side of Summit. She makes sure the Summit team stays on track, keeps the finances in order, makes the office work seem easy while at camp, makes sure the staff is taken care of, keeps the office stocked with candy, takes care of all camp records and paper work, and again so so so much more! 

Darrell and Sherry Haley are truly incredible people. God has used them to transform the lives of so many people.


Kelli Cormack

We would like to introduce you to our newest director, Kelli Cormack.

Kelli has been serving with Summit for many years. She has attended camp, been a staffer, and has been a rec leader for the past 5 years.

Kelli is a dynamic leader and we are very excited to have her on the team of directors! Amongst other things, she will be helping run our social media accounts and our overall online presence.


Rhonda Wade

Rhonda has been a part of Summit for many years and has served in so many different capacities. Rhonda and her husband, Jeff, generously store a vast amount of Summit’s equipment at their house throughout the year. They also do a lot of Summit’s graphic design and printing of different materials.

Rhonda wrote the camp curriculum for 6 years. Many students have learned how to study the Bible as they read the amazing devotions she wrote.

Rhonda is also passionate about Summit Children’s Camp. She can be found running the Summit office and making sure everything is running smoothly throughout Children’s week.


Alan Brock

The next director we would like to introduce you to is Alan Brock. Alan Brock served 20 years in student ministry in churches across Oklahoma and is now in his 3rd year as the Community Pastor at Newchurch in Northwest Oklahoma City.
He has a passion for seeing people of all ages begin and grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His desire is to let the world see through his life the JOY of knowing Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He began attending Summit Camps with his churches children’s ministry in 2012, and fell in love with the way Summit loved kids and called them into an ever deepening walk with Jesus.

Alan was married to Becky in Aug. of 1997, and they have two kids. Their son Josh, and daughter Riann. Josh had the privilege of serving as a staffer for Summit in the summer of 2018, and Riann has gone with Newchurch as a junior sponsor to camp for the past three years. Alan considers it a huge honor and takes very seriously the responsibility of serving as a board member for Summit.



Lanette Adams

Lanette has been working with Summit for 17 years and has been a director for 15 years! 

Most of you probably know her as “The Bead Lady”. While at camp Miss Lanette is always ready to show campers how to make church camp jewelry. She spends hour after hour hanging out with students and listening to them while they create their own bracelets and other creations. 

Lanette is our Camp Counselor. This is such an important role while at camp. There are times when students and adults alike need someone to talk to. Miss Lanette has served faithfully in this position through the many needs of others while at camp. 

Miss Lanette and her husband, Gary, help Summit’s ministry in many ways behind the scenes. From helping get camp planned each year to building stage decorations. 


Rebekah and Dempsey Kraft

Rebekah and Dempsey Kraft  have been serving Summit for 13 years. 

Rebekah and Dempsey have both served Summit in many different capacities. Bekah has been a staffer, a recreation leader, and now a director. She has been in charge of the Summit Office for weeks of camp, and has also been the camp photographer. Bekah also helps write cards to each student that makes a decision during camp.

Dempsey has been an instrumental part of helping Summit as we strive to have a better online presence. He is currently working tirelessly to develop and maintain Summit’s new website. He has also been a great help with our social media. While at camp, many times Dempsey can be found out in the middle of all the action capturing it as the camp videographer. 

Both Bekah and Dempsey also do a lot of behind the scenes work as Summit plans and prepares for camp each year. They are both part of the team that plans and creates the midnight service. Bekah and Dempsey also work together to develop the curriculum and bible studies used by youth groups and students while they are at camp. 


Amy Gipson

Amy has been serving since 2010.

Amy serves Summit in many different capacities. She started as a staffer but quickly became an integral part of making camp happen. She is now a recreation leader, camp director, and has recently taken on the role as the camp photographer. Amy also helps write cards to each student that makes a decision during camp.

Amy also does a lot of behind the scenes work for Summit. She is part of the team that plans and creates the late night service. She helps create (and test-out) the Wild and Crazy Rec games for each summer. She also spends countless hours during camp ensuring that the song lyrics are ready for each tabernacle service. Additionally, Amy produces the majority of Summit’s social media content to keep everyone up to date with all the goings on of Summit Camps.

Last, but absolutely not least, Amy is the official Keeper of Arney. She has the great honor of taking care of Arney before, during, and after camp each year. You can see many of Amy and Arney’s adventures on Summit’s social media accounts.


Jeff Ray

Jeff has been serving as a director since 2011. Before that Jeff worked as a staffer and a recreation leader.

Jeff has served summit in many different ways. One way he serves is by being part of a team that plans the late night service each year. Jeff always works to make sure the late night service is applicable for students.

Jeff also focuses on safety for all aspects of camp. As different directors plan different parts of camp, Jeff helps to make sure students and sponsors can enjoy camp safely.

Jeff is also passionate about tract times and making sure there will be enough groups so that every student can be a part of something that interests them.


Cody Vaughan

The first director we would like to introduce you to is Cody Vaughan. Cody started staffing for Summit in 2007. He has fulfilled many roles since then. He has staffed, helped plan different events, and has been the camp photographer.

Cody will be helping run the Summit website, plan the late night service, and many other things to help make Summit awesome. We are very excited to have Cody Vaughan and his wife LaRanda Vaughan as a part of the team.