Board of Directors


Darrell and Sherry Haley

Darrell and Sherry are part of the team that dreamed of a different camp and created Summit. They have worked tirelessly for over 27 years to make sure Summit is the best camp it can be. 

Explaining what all Darrell does for Summit is achallenge because Darrell does everything! He takes care of so much, and a large amount of what he does is behind the scenes. He takes care of assigning cabins, contacting churches, coordinating camp personnel, hauling the trailer around, making sure we have any supplies we might need, creating all the crazy rec games, and so so so much more! 

Telling you about all Sherry does is not any easier! She takes care of the administrative side of Summit. She makes sure the Summit team stays on track, keeps the finances in order, makes the office work seem easy while at camp, makes sure the staff is taken care of, keeps the office stocked with candy, takes care of all camp records and paper work, and again so so so much more! 

Darrell and Sherry Haley are truly incredible people. God has used them to transform the lives of so many people.