Board of Directors


Jeramie and Tamara Simpson

Jeramie and Tamara  have been serving as directors since 2010. Funfact: they both attended the first ever week of Summit Camps as students! 

Jeramie and Tamara serve in so many different capacities! They both play major roles in our kids week. They work together to make sure that Summit’s children’s camp is one of the best around! Jeramie has been directing that week for many years. He is also the camp nurse for many of our weeks! Tamara is the recreation leader for our kids camp. She makes sure the students have an amazing and safe time out on the rec fields. They both work tirelessly to make sure Summit Kids Camp is a success. 

They both also help get Summit ready for camp each year. If we need something built, worked on, or repaired, Jeramie Simpson is our go to! Countless times he has helped when something goes wrong. From the truck not starting, the lights not working on the trailer, or us needing something built for the rec fields, he has saved the day numerous times! 

Tamara has been so much help as Summit is trying to include online and credit card payments. She has been such a great source of knowledge for Summit! 

Jeramie and Tamara both work with others to create the recreation games for each year. They work to make sure students have fun but also stay safe! Their creativity is part of what makes camp a success each year.