Board of Directors


Rebekah and Dempsey Kraft

Rebekah and Dempsey Kraft  have been serving Summit for 13 years. 

Rebekah and Dempsey have both served Summit in many different capacities. Bekah has been a staffer, a recreation leader, and now a director. She has been in charge of the Summit Office for weeks of camp, and has also been the camp photographer. Bekah also helps write cards to each student that makes a decision during camp.

Dempsey has been an instrumental part of helping Summit as we strive to have a better online presence. He is currently working tirelessly to develop and maintain Summit’s new website. He has also been a great help with our social media. While at camp, many times Dempsey can be found out in the middle of all the action capturing it as the camp videographer. 

Both Bekah and Dempsey also do a lot of behind the scenes work as Summit plans and prepares for camp each year. They are both part of the team that plans and creates the midnight service. Bekah and Dempsey also work together to develop the curriculum and bible studies used by youth groups and students while they are at camp.